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have an annuity question?

Allianz 222 Annuity Complaints

Any time you consider purchasing a high ticket product or service, it can be helpful to see how that item has performed for other people who have already purchased it. The same holds true for financial products such as annuities. Below we uncover some recent Allianz annuities complaints for the Allianz 222 annuity. In fact, even more so, because for most people, buying an annuity can require handing over a large chunk of your retirement savings. The annuity that you choose can also ultimately determine how much income you’ll receive in the future – which in turn, can end up dictating your lifestyle in retirement.

Even in a perfect world of products or services, there will still be at least a few people who aren’t happy. But, in the case of the Allianz 222 annuity, there seems to be more than just a select few complaints.

Take a quick peek at some of the most recent Allianz 222 annuity complaints through Consumer Affairs:

Allianz 222 Annuity ComplaintsAllianz 222 Annuity Complaints

Doesn’t sound like these people had quite the experience that was painted for them by the product’s literature, the Allianz website, and likely by their financial advisor. Unfortunately, when people are presented with annuity products by a commissioned salesperson, the representative will often time focus a tad bit more on the highlights of the annuity, while at the same time, conveniently leaving out most (or all of) the potential drawbacks that it may have.

How the Allianz 222 Annuity is Rated

Based on the more than 100 reviews that have been received by Consumer Affairs for the Allianz 222 annuity, this product has been rated at just under 2 stars out of five. In fact, this annuity actually received 46 1-star reviews from customers. That’s not a good sign. Allianz Rated Sure, information that you find on various websites could be skewed in order to make it look any way the website owner wants it to. But, the reviews and complaints that are offered on the Consumer Affairs site are actually verified – in fact, as of late April 2017, the Consumer Affairs website has a total of more than 736,000 verified reviews. In verifying these reviews, Consumer Affairs requires the individual to provide their contact information in order to ensure that the reviewer is real. In addition, Consumer Affairs also uses intelligent software that helps the company to maintain the integrity of the reviews that it receives. To take a look at all of the 100+ Allianz 222 annuity complaints and consumer reviews via Consumer Affairs, just simply go here.

Want an Unbiased Explanation of the Allianz 222 Annuity?

Annuity details can be somewhat cumbersome to digest. This is particularly the case with indexed annuity products like the Allianz 222, as they tend to have a lot of “moving parts”. This seemingly endless stream of annuity “fine print” can often times lead to the complaints that are received about annuities – because customers will find it hard to comprehend (which is how some of the annuity companies want it), or they take a look at the pages and pages of small print and decide to skip over it altogether and end up basing their decision solely on what their financial advisor told them. Rather than basing your decision on a long list of Allianz 222 annuity complaints, or conversely, only on the rosy picture that a commissioned salesperson has provided you with, contact us and we will walk you through this annuity, how it really works, and how it may or may not work for you. Best, The Annuity Gator P.S. We included a few more related links to the Allianz 222 below that you might find useful: P.P.S If you would like to read more of our Allianz annuity reviews here’s some links to check out:

  • Mike Hodes
    4:08 PM, 3 November 2020

    I own an Allianz 222 and need help choosing what funds to pick.

  • Annuity Gator
    5:18 PM, 3 November 2020

    Hi Mike – Thank you for your message.
    We are glad to know that you already set up a time to go over an annuity test with one of our annuity experts. This can help you to determine how the annuity is performing for you, and also give a direction for moving forward. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us directly, toll-free, at (888) 440-2468 or visit
    We look forward to chatting with you.
    Annuity Gator

  • Julie A Anderson
    8:02 AM, 5 November 2021

    I have information on Allianz and their fixed annuity products. It may be called the Alliance Benefit Control Annuity (though not sure). I will NOT be dealing with the agent who provided the information and understand that usually reviews for this type of product will generate mostly negative ones, BUT that being said, wonder if I should pursue trying to find another agent. Pretty insurance knowledgeable and while it’s easy to view a company’s AM Best rating, I am more interested in customer’s views. Appreciate any information or suggestions. Thank you.

  • Annuity Gator
    10:23 AM, 5 November 2021

    Hi Julie– Thank you for your message.
    Our goal is to help people better understand annuities by providing all of the details – both positive and negative – so as to allow for a more realistic decision going forward. We would be happy to have one of our annuity experts discuss the details of any particular annuity from Allianz with you, and even compare it to other similar annuities. Please feel free to contact us directly, toll-free, at (888) 440-2468 to chat with one of our annuity specialists or visit
    We look forward to hearing from you.
    Annuity Gator

  • Sergio Franco
    7:19 PM, 25 November 2023

    Sorry to say but so far the performance of the Allianz 222 product I own had been a total disappointment. I bought this Allianz 222 product in beginning of 2022 and with only four months away to the second anniversary, I had been credited so far to this date with less than 1% in returns. Every year Allianz change the max caps, participation rates, spreads as they fit for them to cover for their operating costs, fees and profit leaving you the retiree with what is left. This is a situation that we retirees come with 100 % of the investment, 100 % of the risk and get only a small portion of the returns ( 10 to max 30 % ). In 2022 the parent company Allianz Global Investors was convicted of fraud, conspiracy and obstruction in the management of Structured Alpha funds where investors lost over 7 billion USD. The funds investors were misled (such as pension funds) about their risk profile. On August 1, 2021, the United States Department of Justice began a probe into Allianz Global’s Structured Alpha Funds. In 2022 Allianz pleaded guilty to criminal securities fraud and agreed to pay over 6 billion USD in fines in one of the largest security fraud cases so far. With Loses of that magnitude it is left to the imagination on how Allianz will recover to compensate…….Absolutely, do not recommend this product.

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