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Birds That Give Gold: 4 Lessons About Investing

Most of us are familiar with Aesop’s Fable, The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg. It tells of a farmer and his wife who were lucky enough to possess a goose that laid golden eggs, but foolish enough to kill it, thinking the goose itself was made of pure gold. This story isn’t just an English fairy tale; variations of it exist in Russia and Kashmir, and there is also a Buddhist retelling that involves golden feathers. Each version imparts its own bit of golden wisdom – lessons that can directly improve YOUR retirement – if you’re smart enough to apply it.


The Russian version of Aesop’s fable involves a duck and the story is quite long. The short version is simple: a poor husband and wife with a son to take care of giving up their dinner for one night in exchange for the location of a duck that can lay golden eggs. They find the duck swimming in a pond, and once they bring it home, it does indeed lay a golden egg for them regular as clockwork! Soon they grow rich and buy a big house. In the end, a jealous young clerk convinces the wife to cook the duck so that he can eat it and become powerful. The husband discovers the fowl’s carcass and in his rage, he beats the poor wife and exiles the son. The Lesson: Be sure you find a trustworthy professional who can explain the rules to you before you buy. Many advisers are only out for their own gain. You might have to make a small sacrifice for the gift of perpetual income. Annuity investments can lay the equivalent of golden egg in the form of lifetime paychecks, but in most cases, you have to forgo immediate access to liquidity. If you want to talk with an independent adviser not connected to a big firm, we’re here to give you unbiased information and advice.


The Buddhist tradition tells of a young father who turned into a mallard after death and found he was able to sprout golden feathers. Wanting to make sure that his wife and daughters were taken care of, he came back to their home and dropped off a golden feather for them to sell and buy provisions. He was only able to give them one feather at a time, but over the years they grew prosperous. While the daughters understood the value of their father’s gift, the wife did not trust animals, and so she caught the mallard and plucked him clean. When plucked against his will, the mallard’s feathers were no longer golden; instead, they were regular feathers. The woman put the mallard in a barrel and waited for him to grow his feathers back; when he did, the feathers were plain white, and the bird flew away. The Lesson: Don’t let suspicions prevent you from learning about a golden opportunity. Many investors distrust indexed vehicles because think they are too good to be true. An indexed annuity is very much like a golden feather in that it can give you market linked returns without the damaging effects of market loss. If you don’t need the income, you can add a death benefit to grow funds to take care of your family in the event of your passing. GO HERE to learn more.


Long ago in India, there was a poor woodcutter who inspired pity in the Humá Bird. Known as the Luck Bird, this magical fowl laid a golden egg for the poor woodcutter who immediately sold it to a shopkeeper for a mere pittance. The woodcutter didn’t realize what an extraordinary asset he had, and so when the shopkeeper promised him $1,000 for his lucky bird, the woodcutter was overjoyed. He captured the bird, tied a noose around its neck to bring it to the shopkeeper, and accidentally killed it. The Lesson: Don’t be tricked by greedy professionals who don’t have your best interest in mind. Your retirement nest egg is an asset, perhaps the greatest asset you will ever own. It’s worth much more to you healthy, so take steps to protect it. Make sure you put this money someplace where it will be safe so it can continue providing you with the golden income you need during retirement. What kind of annuities can offer you market protection? GO HERE to find out.


One day a man went to his coop to find in the nest of his goose a yellow egg all glittering. When he picked it up, it was heavy as lead, and he thought, “Surely, someone must be playing a trick on me!” When he had it weighed and tested, however, the egg proved to be pure gold. Once a month the goose laid a golden egg, and soon the man and his wife became rich and comfortable. They also became greedy. Thinking that it would be better to get all of the golden eggs at once, they opened up the bird one dark and terrible night. It was then they learned that their goose wasn’t made of gold at all, it was just a regular bird, and now it was dead. The Lesson: Don’t sacrifice your portfolio in hopes of earning higher returns. If you are 10 years or fewer away from your retirement, then the time to protect your goose is NOW. Set aside the money you need for the creation of your income. An annuity is one way you can turn that pot of money into the equivalent of a goose that will lay a golden egg for you every month. We can help you take steps to protect your nest egg. Fill out our simple form or call us at (888) 440-2468 before market loss causes your income to fly the coop. Birds That Give Gold: 4 Lessons About Investing

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