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CALL US: (888) 440-2468

have an annuity question?
have an annuity question?

Is An Annuity Right For Me? What Can It Really Do?

Before you commit to buying an annuity, you should first take some time and determine what you want your annuity to do for you. Many of you have probably asked yourself “is an annuity right for me?” and have had trouble finding the answer. Similar to purchasing a car, there are literally millions of vehicles available that can achieve the goal of getting you from Point A to Point B.

But based on what you need (and want) the vehicle to do, it is necessary to narrow down your options. As an example, a shiny red Corvette could easily get you to and from your destination – but it won’t likely be the best alternative if you drive your son’s high school carpool every week.

How Can An Annuity Work For Me?

While annuities are known for offering a steady stream of income for a certain period of time – or even for life – this isn’t necessarily always the reason why these financial tools are purchased.

In fact, there are a number of goals that an annuity could help you to fulfill, such as:

Depending on the annuity, you may also be able to access funds penalty-free if you need them for health or long-term care-related expenses. Plus, because annuities may be protected from creditors and lawsuits, your money can remain safe, even if you incur a difficult legal or financial situation.

How to Find the Best Annuity for Your Objectives

If you’ve been offered an annuity by an insurance or financial advisor, you need to make sure that it is truly the best alternative for meeting your objectives. Because many advisors are “stuck” with just a few annuity options that they can sell, they may try to convince you that their annuity is the right one for you.

A better way to shop for an annuity is to work with an independent, objective specialist who has access to multiple annuities and can go out into the marketplace to find the ideal option for you.

That’s what we do at Annuity Gator. Our primary focus here is on educating annuity buyers and showing them what to look for before making a long-term financial commitment to an annuity. Our specialists can also help you to compare two or more different annuities, side-by-side so that you can more easily decipher which will perform the best for you in the short- and long-term time frame. We can help answer your question “is an annuity right for me”, and better yet, find you the perfect one for your needs.

Ready to narrow down the best annuity and get it working for you right away?

Just reach out to us directly and talk with one of our annuity experts. You can contact us by phone, toll-free, at (888) 440-2468. Or, send us a message through our secure online contact form and set up a convenient time to chat.

What do you really want your annuity to do?

  • Lyle Barnes
    11:13 PM, 8 February 2020

    Im 83 and my wife 70. We mainly want the use of the money if we need, but mainly want growth in size.

    • Annuity Gator
      5:21 PM, 10 February 2020

      Hi Lyle– Thank you for your message.
      We would be happy to help you find the best annuity for you and your wife. In order to best support you, we would need some additional information from you. Rather than sending the info back and forth via email, it would be best to discuss it by phone. Please feel free to contact us directly, toll-free, at (888) 440-2468 to chat with one of our annuity specialists or visit
      We look forward to hearing from you.
      Annuity Gator

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