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have an annuity question?

Video Resource Library

Are you looking for income that will last a lifetime? Want to protect and grow your money?

These videos will peel back the curtain on how annuities work so that you can make the best decisions for your retirement. Browse through our video library to find a topic that interests you, and be sure to check back regularly for updates!

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How To Protect Your Retirement Portfolio From An Economic ‘Hurricane’

6-Part Video Series

Are you a retired person worried about money troubles? Not sure how to keep your savings safe from market changes? Economic experts are warning about market chaos with inflation at its highest level in 40 years and they predict market loss and recession could be coming soon so be ready for the next 12-18 months.

Your retirement savings could be at risk, but there are ways to protect them by learning how to safeguard your investments during tough times, and use unique opportunities that appear in times of economic turbulence. Watch our 6-part video series to discover how to prosper financially, no matter the market’s state and find out how one income strategy becomes more attractive when there’s more market volatility. Don’t miss out on these helpful tips to safeguard your retirement savings.


Market volatility has become a fact of life. In this video, we discuss some  practical advice on safeguarding your retirement portfolio from economic storms provided by financial experts. 

PART 2: The Safe Money Maximizer

In this presentation, we’ll discuss one investment vehicle best used for non-retirement funds and another that works for IRA, 401k, or 403B plans.

PART 3: The “Annuity Trigger” Strategy

Looking for ways to grow your savings without taking on unnecessary risks? This “trigger” feature can allow you to keep up with inflation without exposing your assets to market risk.

PART 4: The Outcome Is The Income

You’ll learn the differences between “protected growth” and “safe income” strategies, and we’ll even share a case study highlighting how we helped a couple achieve guaranteed income-for-life. 

PART 5: The Real Truth About Annuities

In this session, you’ll learn all the critical “must-knows” about annuity policies and how they may help you safeguard your retirement portfolio and create lasting financial security. 

PART 6: Secure Your Retirement During Uncertain Times

Are there ways to protect your investments and even take advantage when the stock market is volatile? This video will discuss the specific strategies to use that are made for stock market volatility.

Annuities Were Built For Times Like These

3-Part Video Series

Are you worried about what market turbulence means for your retirement savings? With inflation rates soaring and the market becoming increasingly volatile, many investors seek safe and secure ways to protect and grow their money. But did you know about the financial vehicle that gets more competitive as economic volatility increases?

Annuities were built for markets and times just like these, providing a way to secure your principal from any risk of loss while earning a reasonable rate of return. Not only that, they can give you guaranteed income for life at rates that have never been more attractive. Don’t let market uncertainty leave you in the dark! Learn how annuities can help you plan and be better prepared for what lies ahead, no matter what the future holds.


The current market is becoming increasingly volatile, but there is a financial tool that is built to weather financial storms and can secure your principal from any risk of loss. 

PART 2: How To Get Guaranteed Lifetime Income

Can you turn your savings into guaranteed lifetime income? In this video, you’ll learn how to turn a portion of your 401k or IRA into income that’s completely tax-deferred.

Episode 3: Protected Growth

One way to protect your retirement savings during economic uncertainty is with a type of annuity that offers 100% principal protection, interest earnings, up to 10% annual withdrawals, and has no fees.

Annuity Strategy Case Studies

Would you like to see real-life case studies from Annuity Gator? In this series, we’ll interview Annuity Gator licensed professionals who’ve helped their clients retire safely and with confidence. Each case study will highlight a different story: Some folks are looking for guaranteed income, some want to grow their money without the risk of loss, and others want to keep what they’ve accumulated without worry.

Each video will interview the advisor who took the case and highlight our process to match clients with the ideal annuity. We all have different goals and financial situations, and here you’ll see how Annuity Gator can help no matter where you’re starting.

Income For Life Case Study

Finding the right income annuity can be challenging. That’s why we decided to create a video case study that shows how we helped a client choose the right income annuity step by step. 

Protected Growth Case Study

Discover the secret to protecting and growing your money, even if stocks remain flat for the next decade. We help a client do just that in this episode.

Guaranteed Lifetime Income Client Case Study

Want to see our process for helping our clients find income for life? In this video, discover how we helped two of our clients, Bill and Julie, secure guaranteed monthly income they cannot outlive.

Protected Growth Client Case Study

What do you need to “recession-proof” your money? In this episode, you’ll see the process our Annuity Gator licensed professional uses to empower clients to make their own decisions.

Income For Life Client Case Study

Is it possible to retire 2 years earlier than you planned, without sacrificing your lifestyle? See how our Annuity Gator licensed professional helped one client find guaranteed income.

Everyone Could Use This in Retirement

What’s the secret to early retirement? In this case study we review how Annuity Gator helped a couple retire 5 years early.

“Did I Lose Any Money?” 

Is there a way to ensure a portion of your money may grow with zero risk of loss, no matter what the Fed does? It’s possible with one obscure annuity feature that has been flying under the radar.

“Why Has No One Told Me About This?” 

Is there a secret to spending less on an annuity, while getting the same level of income and growth? See how Annuity Gator put this client’s retirement back on track after she suffered a $100k setback.

Income for the next 40 years?

Looking to retire as soon as possible? In this case study, we’ll see how an extra 50k in annual income fast-tracked this couple’s retirement without having to work a day after they had initially planned.

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