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Annuity Salespeople Telling the Whole Truth? Find out here with in-depth annuity reviews that reveal the facts on what you can really expect from your annuity.

Athene Ascent Annuity Enhanced Income Benefit Doubler

If you’re considering the purchase of the Athene Ascent annuity, then you may also be thinking about adding the optional income rider, so that you can ensure an income that lasts for the remainder of your life – no matter how long you may need it.

But in addition providing you with a guaranteed lifetime income stream that you cannot outlive, the income rider for the Athene Ascent annuity also includes an Enhanced Income Benefit Doubler that can assist you with paying for unexpected health care related costs that you incur.

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Athene Ascent Annuity Continuation Options Following the Annuitant’s Death

While many people purchase annuities for the tax-deferred growth and the ongoing retirement income that they can provide, there are situations where an annuitant may pass away prior to receiving all of his or her income from the annuity.

In these cases, there may be the option to name a beneficiary on the contract – and depending on who the beneficiary is, they will have certain options in terms of what to do with the remaining funds.

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Jackson National Perspective ll Variable Annuity Prospectus

The Jackson National Perspective ll variable annuity prospectus can provide you with all of the key details that you need regarding how the annuity works, how its returns are determined, the choice of income options that you have, and how you may be able to withdraw your funds from the annuity (either before or after the surrender charge period), as well as any corresponding fees that you may be charged.

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Jackson National Perspective ll Annuity Statement of Understanding

To get a more in-depth idea regarding how the Jackson National Perspective ll variable annuity really works prior to signing on the dotted line and purchasing it, reading over the product’s Statement of Understanding can be extremely beneficial. This, along with the product’s illustration, can be helpful in picturing what you can and cannot expect from this particular product.

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Jackson National Perspective ll Complaints

When you are considering the purchase of an annuity – or for that matter, any type of insurance or financial product (especially one that realistically could constitute a large chunk of your retirement savings) – it can be helpful to step away from the marketing that is put out by the insurance carriers, and to instead take a look at how the product has performed for other consumers and investors before you move forward.

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