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Hi there! My name is Eli Mitcham, and I’m passionate about helping conservative investors, like you, secure your retirement income, protect your investments, and pass your legacy efficiently to your children without worrying about running out of money if you live too long.

I’ve been a licensed annuity advisor since 1999, and I truly believe that a fixed annuity may help you live a happier life in retirement with less stress and worry about your finances. During my career, I’ve witnessed these benefits firsthand, and my experience gives me a unique insight into counseling you on the proper use of annuities and showing you how they may fit as a piece of your holistic retirement and estate plan.

I first discovered the powerful benefits of fixed annuities in the early 2000s when the Dot-Com Bubble burst. It was a devastating time for most investors as the NASDAQ lost 78% of its value. I was young but had already built a group of clients that owned fixed annuities. As the bear market ravaged and investors panicked over their significant losses, my clients never had to worry about the safety and integrity of their fixed annuity. Their principal was always protected against market loss, and their income was safeguarded throughout.

I took these lessons to heart and, in 2001, founded Senior Wealth Preservation, LLC as an asset protection planning firm. We assisted high net-worth families with advanced income and estate planning techniques to provide asset protection and transfer wealth over generations while legally avoiding estate tax and probate.

In order to best serve my clients in 2007, I rolled the services of that business into my current company, Asset Lift Wealth Management, LLC. We are a registered investment advisory firm that specializes in helping retirees and those about to retire successfully manage their income and investments to preserve their lifestyle in retirement.

Throughout my career, defensive asset protection and investment risk control have been central to my core outlook and conservative planning philosophy. I’m a fiduciary financial advisor, and as a member of the National Ethics Association, I will always uphold my vow to place your best interests ahead of my own.

I’m a three-time winner of the “FIVE STAR Wealth Manager,” a prestigious award granted to less than 7% of advisors regionally and featured in a special addition of Texas Monthly Magazine. My work has also been featured in outlets such as Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, and Market Watch.

I reside in Texas with my beautiful wife of 26 years and our three amazing kids. And, even though my office is physically located in the suburbs of Houston, I’m able to work with clients throughout the United States. All of my meetings are conducted over the phone and “virtually” using safe, encrypted computer technology that allows us to meet “face-to-face” no matter where you live. It’s easy to link our computers and share my screen so we’re both “on the same page.”

If you’re unsure about your retirement income and wonder if an annuity may help, I’m happy to listen to your concerns and point you in the right direction. As a fiduciary, my goal is always to help you secure a high level of sustainable income that protects you and your family so you can spend with confidence in retirement and worry less about the ups and downs of the stock market.


Eli Mitcham